Tortex Vermibeds

Tortex Vermibeds

The Tortex Vermibed is used for organic vermiculture farming with the help of earthworms, green-waste, animal-waste etc. This process is known as vermicomposting.

Today farmers are forced to buy chemical fertilizers which is expense in the market, this has lead them to adopt latest technology in the field of farming sector where farmers can buy/produce economically less price organic fertilizers. Hence this have increased the greater demand for shifting to Vermicomposting method.

Tortex Vermibed is much economical because the bed is made from reinforced HDPE Woven sack fabric, due to this the composting can be done faster either indoor or outdoor with less area required. It requires less work and fewer man power involved. It can be installed with less capital investment and less time when compared to conventional method of concrete make vermi-compost bed.

Tortex Vermibed are manufactured and supplied by using excellent quality raw materials. Tortex Vermibed reduces the farmers dependency on chemical fertilizers & also increases additional farming income.

By using Tortex Vermibed the farmers can produce both ‘vermi-compost’ (main produce) & ‘vermi-wash’ (by-product) which is having excellent nutrient rich organic fertilizer & soil conditioner. They are non-toxic & eco-friendly.

Vermi-composting done by using Tortex Vermibed creates self employment and low skilled jobs at rural India.


The Tortex Vermicompost is used as organic manure for :-

  • Terrace & Garden farming
  • Agricultural Farms
  • Horticulture & Sericulture crops
  • Floriculture


  • Improves soil aerification & enriches soil micro-organisms such as plant hormones, enzymes etc.
  • Attracts deep-burrowing earthworms already present in the soil
  • Improves water holding capacity
  • Enhances germination, plant growth, crop yield

Salient Features:

  • Tortex Vermibed is a Readymade Structural Unit.
  • Easy to install & relocate.
  • Made from 100% Virgin HDPE Woven fabric.
  • Waterproof & UV Stabilized.
  • Heat-Sealed Joints.
  • Aeration Ventilation Net Windows improves soil texture.
  • Chemical & Puncture Resistant.
  • Contains water-soluble nutrients.
  • Less water required for cultivation.
  • Cultivation has been possible in saline and alkaline conditions.
  • Less cost when compared to the conventional concrete make vermibed.
  • Bed produces 100 liters of Vermi-wash per annum approx..
  • Vermicompost is nothing but the excreta of earthworms.


  • Bed Size: L-3600 mm x W-1200 mm x H-600mm approx. (12’ x 4’ x 2’.)
  • Mass : 340 GSM, Green/White Colour fabric

Why Tortex ?

To fulfill our customers needs, we provide end-to-end turnkey solutions needs right from consultation, product installation and after sales services for Vermicomposting using Tortex Vermibed according to their necessities.

What is Tortex Vermiwash ?:

The Tortex Vermiwash is a by-product of Tortex Vermicompost, it can be used as a foliar spray (Liquid fertilizer) which have rich source of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, hormones, which effectively increases plant growth when applied to the plants. It increases photosynthesis in the plants.This organic liquid fertilizer is collected from a small bucket after the water passes by a vermiculture column.

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