Tortex Azolla

Tortex Azolla

Azolla is a floating aquatic fern with their roots hanging downwards in the water, that lives in symbiosis with a cyanobacteria. The Fern is triangular in shape, nutrient rich belong to the Kingdom- Plantae & Family- Salviaceae.

Azolla is a high productive plant, doubles its biomass every 1-2 days depending upon the environment conditions. It appears individually or in mats in the ponds, ditches and rice fields etc. It has low lignin content which helps easy digest in animals.

The agriculture is the back-bone of Indian farmers and at the same time farmers have taken animal husbandry as an additional profitable occupation. Due to the growing population in the country, the demand for milk, meat and poultry produce is also increasing at domestic & export market daily. But, at the same time, there is a steady decline in quality fodder, limited resources availability & decrease in the land holdings to grow fodders because of urban growth, industrialization etc.

The farmers are unable to produce proper yield due to the lack of quality and quantity feed for animals.

This as lead them find the better alternate resources, Azolla is a best alternate option as a good sustainable natural feed for livestock. Yes, Azolla is a boon to the Indian farmers.

Azolla is cultivated using a modern simple technology known as Azolla Bed.

We with the support of professional experts have developed & designed a quality grade, high strength and durable simple technology bed for Azolla cultivation to meet the customers requirements under the brand name Tortex-Azolla Bed.

TORTEX-Azolla Bed are economical, light weight, fungus resistant & strong. It is installed above the surface of the ground, hence digging pits is not required.

By using TORTEX-Azolla Bed farmers can witness increase in the yield of milk by 10%–20% when 1 kg to 2 Kg of Azolla was combined with regular feed.

Salient Features:

  • Easy to Carry & Install.
  • Light weight, 100% water-proof.
  • High Strength & Durable.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • Fungus resistant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • UV Stabilized

Uses of Azolla:

  • As animal fodder.
  • Ideal feed for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, fish & poultry.
  • Used as a biofertilizer.

Benefits of Azolla:

  • Oxygenate water.
  • Acts as natural fertilizer.
  • Fixes nitrogen.
  • Controls mosquito breeding process.
  • Controls weed growth in paddy fields.
  • Increase fat & milk yield.
  • Improves the weight of broiler chicken.
  • Increases the egg production.
  • Increases the rice production by 10%-20%.



10ft X 5ft X 1ft (LxWxH)




HDPE Woven Fabric






5 years




Azolla cultivation

Note: We also supply customized beds.

Why Tortex ?

We undertake to offer complete Turnkey solutions for Azolla Cultivation by using TORTEX-Azolla Bed.

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